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We assess your candidates based on competencies that are essential for the respective function. The specific behavior is analyzed in a practical working environment.

Through the application of several instruments and methods, the candidates are evaluated from different perspectives. These observations cover a large part of the individual (skills, motivation, personality) and give you a better picture of the person's suitability for the job, your team and the company culture.

Wrong decisions are not only unpleasant but also expensive (financially and resource-intensive).  However, career success is predictable; the more thoroughly your candidates are examined, the greater your chances of making the best decision .

It pays to invest in good selection methods!  

Assessments are recommended for the selection of new executives and specialists. In this way you receive a concrete strengths / risks profile from the candidate.  


You have the opportunity to explore the potential of your team and thus to promote future managers internally. 


When the area of responsibility is expanded or there are changes in the company, assessments can be used to discover the skills that are lacking in the team and to specifically strengthen them with the help of development measures. You get individual and team development plans.  

We carry out different assessment variants. Depending on the question, function and resources, you choose the appropriate assessment.  

  • Online assessment followed by an interview

  • Individual assessment for the first management level or specialists  

  • Individual assessment for middle and senior management  

  • Group Assessment  


What our customers say about us:

We have been working with Human Capital Growth for several years and are very satisfied. The quality and speed of their services, as well as top-notch professionalism, encourage us to continue our cooperation in the future.

Ernest von Bergen, HR Business Partner, Helvetia Insurance - Basel



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