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Thanks to the different profiles, training, experiences and passions of our team members, we support you in various issues.  

Assessments for  

  • Cadre and specialist selection  

  • Employee development and internal promotion

  • Comparison of internal with external candidates

  • Management Development - Potential Analysis

Further education - training  

  • Because well-trained employees and managers (e.g. team leaders) are more motivated and more efficient, we develop customized training and managerial programs for you.

  • The methodology and didactics are tailored to the needs of your employees.

  • Case studies and company-specific topic discussions are used. The implementation takes place in a protected environment (video recordings) in a practical way.

  • The transfer into practice is ensured thanks to peer-to-peer feedback and individual coaching.   


Project management / management on time

  • Do your internal processes ensure the company's success?

  • How can your management context support your executives even better?

  • Does your management team have the necessary skills to continue to be successful in the future?

  • Do you need more management resources in the short term?


CZV continuing education courses  

  • We have been successfully running CZV courses that promote participatory learning since 2010.  

  • Topics such as conflict resolution, role in customer contact, distraction while driving are carried out interactively.

  • Case studies that directly affect the participants form the basis of our interventions.

  • New behavior is tried out immediately so that the transfer into practice is successful.  


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