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We offer you a network of medical technology experts who support you in the industrialization and implementation of supply chain changes. 

With us, you will be advised and accompanied by practice-oriented, quality-conscious, motivated engineers with experience in national and international organizations.

The planning and implementation of product transfers, supply chain changes, purchasing strategies and the integration of acquired companies in the highly regulated medical technology environment are among our core competencies. 

The relocation of production sites and processes is of strategic importance for many companies today.  



Product transfers

  • Strategic decision making (make-to-make vs. make-to-buy vs. buy-to-buy)

  • Management and implementation of transfer projects

  • Consideration of regulatory consequences in the European and American markets



  • Management of purchasing projects

  • Development of state-of-the-art purchasing processes (ie VMI, consignment, etc.)

  • Crisis management

  • Supplier management (risk analyses, quality and performance evaluations, TCO & should-cost analyses)


Supply chain

  • Demand and supply planning

  • S&OP management, capacity planning

  • Structure and measurement of key figures (KPI's)

  • Integration of acquired companies (focus on production and purchasing processes)


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